New Toys

Here are some of the latest toys available at the Manawatu Toy Library.

Toys are labelled, shelved and displayed in photo catalogues according to the following categories:

A for Activity

Toys for active play. These toys support movement like walking, pedalling, rocking, and balancing.

B for Baby Toys

Toys for the youngest children, 0-18 months. This section includes activity centres, ball toys, and toys offering experience of cause and effect.

CM for Communication

Toys promoting early language skills, reading and writing, and including musical toys.

CR for Co-ordination

Toys encouraging construction skills and including activities requiring fitting, screwing and threading. Also includes toys for water play.

D for Discrimination

These toys display visual differences. They encourage activities of sorting, matching, and grading by size, shape, and colour. Puzzles and early math activities are here as well.

E for Expression

Toys allowing self-expression through creative and imaginative play. Realistic sets stimulate children to play out events and practice different outcomes.

F for Family Games

Games for the family to play together. They provide opportunities for children to learn about co-operative and competitive play.

TR for Tape and CDs

Includes music and stories on tape or CD.